High performance shaft rewind system
600 a 2500 mm

Maximum web widths

400 m/min

Maximum working speed

1200 mm

Maximum rewind diameter

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  • Rewinding reel diameters up to 1200mm. or custom
  • Rewinding shaft diameters since 70mm. up to 152 or custom.

Control and security

  • Automatic control tension control.
  • Physical or photoelectric barriers to the operator security


  • Multipurpose rewinding system

Main Specifications

Technical characteristicsStandardOptional
Maximum web widths600 a 2500 mm( or Custom)
Maximum unwind diameter 1200 mm( or Custom)
Maximum working speed400 m/min( or Custom)
Web tension controlAutomatic by load cellAutomatic by dancing roll
Rewinding systemPneumatic expanding shaft
Reel unloading systemHidraulic systemElectric system
Material Various thickness papers, high thickness plastic foil, non-woven
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